[Dragon Ball: The Breakers] Main errors and personal opinion…


Recently, the MySuika team was accepted to play the BETA of this brand new Dragon Ball game, a game that was widely wanted by the community: Dragon Ball: The Breakers.

After a few hours of playing, we were able to check certain aspects of the game… Both negative and positive:


The first thing our attention was brought to was the tutorial, introducing us in the story of the game in a comprehensible way. What’s more, the controls were pretty simple, and after a few rounds it’s fairly easy to start playing fluidly.

Another positive aspect is the speed that it takes for you to join a new round. Although it could be better (for example, the could add a “Play Again” button), in comparison to previous Dragon Ball games (e.g. Xenoverse 2) the speed isn’t as bad.

At the start (during the tutorial), the camera angle told us that it wouldn’t be as simple to control the character’s perspective. However, after a few rounds (like we stated before), this improvable feature turned into an acceptable, positive one, as this specific camera style allows for better mobility control.

Something else that is worth mentioning is the amount of possibilities inside a round: you can try to collect all the Keys of Power, the Dragon Balls, or perhaps you’d prefer to try and save all the survivors. But there aren’t just a lot of possibilities for the survivors… The “raider” has two possible characters to choose from (Cell or Freezer [for now])and each phase offers several techniques to trap the players.


In relation to the negative aspects of this game, we can talk about the bugs present in the game’s settings… As you, the readers, may know, normally when in a game you change the resolution, the game offers you a two choices: Keep the changes you made, or cancel them/revert to the previous save. In that new window with the two options, usually there’s a counter of 10 seconds that reverts the changes automatically… This can seem like a dumb implementation, but it’s VERY useful when changing the resolution or quality of a game.
This problem came to our attention when changing the resolution to 4k, by which at this point a massive crash happens in one’s pc (this does depend a lot on the graphic capacity of the pc and the max resolution it allows). It could be that these types of crashes only occur if the player doesn’t exactly know what they’re doing, but even so, there should be some sort of limiter of quality (analysing the graphic capacity of the pc) or a system that reverts the changes automatically…

And to finish off the negative aspects of the game, we can say that a few animations don’t fit in or are poorly done due to a lack of “microanimations” (small animations). For example: when jumping, when the villain traps you, or when you check your radar…

[BETA] Dragon Ball: The Breakers


In summary, we can say that it’s different from the usual Dragon Ball games, even though the BETA has a few things that it could do better...

Positive aspects:
  • A tutorial that’s easy to understand, alongside controls that are easy to utilise.
  • A reasonable charging speed.
  • Good mobility, once you’ve gotten used to it.
  • A whole variety of possibilities inside each round, both to survivors and the villains alike.
Negative aspects:
  • (Depending on the device) A few bugs when configuring the game.
  • A few animations that don’t make sense and lack development.

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